Corporate Design: Give your company a convincing identity.

As a product- and user iterface designer I support companies in realizing their visions and develop a uniform corporate design. A cleanly implemented corporate identity ensures recognition value and better customer loyalty.

How corporate design contributes to the success of your company

Your corporate design is the basis for the uniform appearance of your company both internally and externally. Professionally designed documents – from the website and letterhead to the company logo on the door – convey a competent impression to customers and business partners. A consistent corporate design creates trust, distinguishes you from your competitors, is memorable and thus strengthens your market position. At the same time, you increase your attractiveness as an employer. Furthermore, your corporate identity also has an internal effect: Existing design guidelines can make every day work processes much more efficient and it is easier for your employees to identify with your company. My competences in the area of corporate design include logo and graphic design, design of business cards and business papers as well as the creation of websites – all uniformly implemented in the sense of your corporate identity.

My services in the area of Corporate Design & Corporate Identity

More services on request. 


Design and redesign of existing logos. Development of a design style guide.


Design of stationery and envelopes. Development of a design style guide.


Design of business cards.
Development of a design style guide.


Structure and design of your website. Upon request, the website can also be created and optimized for search engines (performance, keywords, etc.)

What should a good corporate design be like?

Distinguishing features such as color, shape and font form the basic criteria of a corporate design.

1. Representative

A representative corporate design is tailored to a company and therefore a “made-to-measure” product. It is an expression of the own corporate philosophy and not a self-realization of the designer.

2. Unique

Every company strives to consolidate its position in the market by setting itself apart from the competition. Accordingly, the external appearance should be unmistakable and memorable.

3. Flexible

It is important that the corporate design is consistent at all levels, such as on a business card or on a website in order to maintain the recognition value and to be recognized as a closed system.

4. Consistent

Color, form and font are matched to form a closed visual concept. This makes your corporate design look professional and inspires confidence.

Step by step implementation of your corporate design

The development steps serve as an overview and can be adapted according to the project.

1. Briefing

Each project starts with a briefing to clarify the customer’s wishes. This can be done either through a Skype meeting or face-to-face. But also a phone call or a simple description in text form (possibly with pictures) can be sufficient.

2. Research

This process serves to analyze the company and its competitors step by step and identifies new potential. The focus is on the corporate philosophy, products, services and visions.

3. Ideation

The basis for this is the definition of requirements for the corporate design. What needs to be considered primarily? This results in a creative process with the aim of generating ideas in the form of sketches which are then presented to the customer.

4. Design

If a favorite from the creative phase is selected, the final design (e.g. for a logo) can be created with the specified requirements.

5. Implementation

All print and digital media can be designed on the basis of the previously defined requirements for the corporate design. Further optimizations will follow.

Advantages of a corporate design

Of course there are many more advantages. Here are just some examples.

Differentiation from any competition

A unique corporate design creates a clear differentiation from any competition. This prevents confusion with other companies, their products and services. This strengthens and expands the own market position

More efficiency within the company

Costs are saved by a uniform corporate design, because, for example, not every communication medium or advertising measure has to be developed anew. Existing templates and forms based on the corporate design facilitate all marketing and sales activities. This saves time and costs.

Trust of potential customers and partners

Visual means can be used strategically to gain the trust of potential customers and business partners. Once trust has been established, products can be sold better and relationships with partners can be developed more easily. For this, a memorable corporate design plays a very important role.

More attractiveness as an employer

If a company is looking for qualified specialists or junior staff, a modern corporate design is indispensable, as the demands of young interested parties are growing. People want to work in a company they can identify themselves with.

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