Product design creates added value. A design without added value is no design, but decoration.

As a product designer from Wuppertal I create individual designs for consumer and investment goods. Innovation, aesthetics and precision are in the foreground of industrial design to make your product ready for serial production.

The product design process serves to develop useful ideas and solutions that are really needed.

During this process, you will get to know the needs of your users. What are people thinking about a product? What is important to them and what are their attitudes? They show all answers most clearly through their actions. By immersing yourself in the world of your users, you can identify contradictions between what is said and how things are actually done. These insights enable me to develop ideas and solutions that offer a high added value and are really needed. This is followed by the visual fine-tuning to communicate your company values to the outside world and to trigger the must-have effect in your users. With a focus on the target definition, I design sketches and create 3D models with consideration of functionality and user experience. Your search for a competent product designer was therefore successful!


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Design for a new product and redesign of existing products


Design of a digital 3D prototype in 1:1 scale.


Corporate design for a new product family and redesign of existing product sets.


Photorealistic renderings and video clips are generated on the basis of a digital 3D prototype.

How should a good product design be like?

There are many more characteristics to this topic. The following is only a small overview.

1. Innovative

The opportunities for innovation grow with technological progress. This allows the development of ideas and solutions that optimize the practical value of a product and also offer advantages for companies.

2. Useful

You buy a product to use it. A good product design optimizes the usage. It does not try to manipulate the consumer with visual promises that it cannot keep.

3. Comprehensible

All features of the product are for the communication with the user. If the product design is used correctly, the functions of the product are self-explanatory.

4. Aesthetic

The aesthetic quality of a product communicates the values a company stands for and presents itself to the outside world. Aesthetics determine the personal environment and influence the well-being.

Examples for product design

Convince yourself of my examples of successfully implemented industrial and product designs.

Step by step implementation of your product design

The development steps serve as an overview and can be adapted according to the project.

1. Briefing

Each project starts with a briefing to clarify the customer’s wishes. This can be done either through a Skype meeting or face-to-face. But also a phone call or a simple description in text form (possibly with pictures) can be sufficient.

2. Research

This process serves to analyze the company and its competitors step by step and identifies new potential. The focus is on the corporate philosophy, products, services and visions.

3. Ideation

The concept starts with the definition of requirements for the product or product family followed by a creative process with the aim of generating product ideas in the form of sketches, which are then presented to the customer.


3. Design

If a favorite from the second phase is selected, visual requirements for the product are defined and detailed analogue or digital drawings are made.

4. Implementation

If a favorite from the third phase is selected, the product can be built digitally in 3D CAD. From this, photo-realistic renderings or animations can be created to get an impression of the product. Thanks to the 3D CAD model, a 3D prototype can be printed.

Advantages of a product design

Of course there are many more advantages. Here are just some examples:

New ideas with
added value

Companies use various strategies to differentiate themselves from competitors. One of the most important methods is to develop new product ideas that offer high added value for the user.

Simplification of
complex systems

What is a coffee machine for a consumer, when it appears too confusing? When the meaning of many buttons and switches is not intuitively understood either by the placement or by a label, he will say: “too complicated, too time-consuming”.

Process optimization

If the product design is well-thought out and purposefully integrated into certain processes, individual production steps can be better coordinated and the entire manufacturing process can be made more efficient and ultimately more cost-effective. Or by summarizing all design guidelines directly in a practical manual, everyone can orientate themselves and work more efficiently.

Value enhancement

This can be done via product language. Whether it’s a bag or a tool, the decisive factor is that the consumer immediately assigns a product to a specific manufacturer based on certain characteristics – for example shape, color, material or quality. The aim is to build trust and loyalty with the customer.

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