Creation of a corporate design for a product family

During a study, three kitchen appliances are designed in such a way that at first glance they are recognized as a uniform product family. First the target group of users is defined, step by step a new design language is developed and then visualized with 3D CAD models. The application of a recognizable corporate design for an entire product family plays a central role. 


Development of a modern corporate design to a product family from the premium segment.


Examined are products, objects, brands and form elements that show visionary aesthetic functions.


The final idea shows a kitchen set made of high quality materials and minimalist design.

Excerpt from the development process of a corporate design for a kitchen appliance product family

The content presented was shortened and serves as overview only.


Market- &
Design Language Analysis
Design Requirements

The market was analyzed with regard to the following design aspects: Target groups, formal style, proportions, details, materials, surfaces, structures, textures and colors.


design eines produkts am computer corporate design produktfamilie

After the research, it was clear that the product family should be given a high-quality but discreet corporate design in order to establish itself on the market for a longer period of time. This should appeal to the largest possible number of interested parties and achieve a recognition feature. From the collected design examples, only the ones suitable for this purpose have been selected.

This resulted in many hand-drawn sketches with designs, which were initially digitally processed. The sketches were then modelled in the CAD program on a scale of 1:1, always taking into account the corporate design of the kitchen appliance product family.


drei hochwertige küchengeräte mit einheitlichem corporate design


The product family is based on a cylindrical basic shape supplemented by a black opening in form of a slotted half of a hole, depending on the device. This visually highlights the areas for interaction and serves as a design element with a unique selling point on the market.

From the top side, the product family is based on a circular shape. All other parts fit discreetly into the overall shape. The recognition effect should be ensured when viewing the products from all sides.

küchengeräte mit einheitlichem design ansicht von oben der produktfamilie
viele verschiedene produkte mit einheitlichem design aus einer produktfamilie


For a premium product, the combination of stainless steel and high-quality processed plastic looks very elegant and modern. Copper tones can also be combined with the black applications.


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